Do you like Ethiopian cuisine? Then pick a partner and join the first Selam Gursha Contest at Ethiopia Fest Chicago 2017, an event organized by the ECAC Auxiliary Board as part of the Ethiopian New Year festivity. Cool prizes await the winners.

The gursha contest is free.

WTH is Gurhsa?

When you take a morsel of food, wrapped in injera, and put it in somebody’s mouth, it’s called Gursha. It’s the Ethiopian way of expressing love and respect to friends, family, and romantic partners. Check out the video below to learn the art of gursha.

You can also take it from The Simpsons as well.

How does the Contest Work?

It’s simple. There will be four pairs of contestants. All will be served the same platter and amount of food. You will feed your partner, and your partner feeds you. The goal is to finish your platter of Quanta Firfir and Yeberé Wot before everybody else. If you feed yourself, you and your partner will be disqualified.

That Sounds Fun! I want to join.

Click here to register. Register today since there are limited spaces.